What are the symptoms of vaginal dryness?

If sexual intercourse is painful, if you often experience a burning or itching sensation, if you have frequent and long-lasting infections, these symptoms are probably caused by vaginal dryness.
Laser treatment can help in such cases.

How does laser treatment help?

It strengthens the connective tissues in the vagina. Fissures in the vaginal epithelium disappear and the original functions of the mucosa are restored. As a result, inflammations cease, fissures and dryness disappear, and intercourse is no longer painful.

How is treatment performed?

Treatment can commence right after consultation.
The physician inserts a vaginal applicator into the vagina and the lasering head automatically scans throughout the inner walls of the vagina. You will feel nothing during treatment, perhaps some warmth.
You may immediately leave the clinic after treatment, there is no convalescence. The treatment can be done during a lunch break.
The treatment does not cause any pain, no surgery, no bleeding, completely safe.

Why choose us?

- outstanding price-performance ratio
- trained and highly qualified, skilful, emphatic physicians
- safe treatment, cutting edge technology, world-class laser instruments (USA RF pipe, 0.01mm spot size)
- due to the outstanding efficiency of the laser equipment, a maximum of 2 treatments are required
- easy access (near Mammut Shopping Center in the 2nd district), simple parking
- pleasant surroundings, confidentiality

What costs does the treatment incur?

We will promptly send you an email detailing the costs, current discounts, and possible funding options.

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