When should you opt for this treatment?

- when sex no longer provides the same experience as in your youth
- sensations during intercourse are not as intensive
- vaginal size has increased, it is not tight enough, muscle tension has diminished
- the opening of the vagina is larger

What causes these symptoms?

The cause for these symptoms is that vaginal tissue loses its elasticity. This can have several reasons, with the two most common being:
Extraordinary stress during childbirth weakens the tissues which later on are unable to fully regenerate.
The second cause is menopause. Due to decreased levels of oestrogen, collagen production also decreases, causing the tissues to thin and lose elasticity, as well as frequent inflammation.

How can these symptoms be cured, what is the solution?

Our aim is to rejuvenate and renew tissues, which will restore the flexibility of vaginal tissues.
The most suitable way to reach this result is by laser treatment of the private parts

During laser treatment, laser light scans the inner surface of the vagina. The heat effect increases collagen production in the tissues, new collagen fibres are produced and bonds between these fibres and strengthened. Cells on the surface and in deeper regions of the vagina are rejuvenated, and due to the thicker and more flexible vaginal wall, the diameter of the vagina is reduced by 20-30%, becoming tighter and more flexible.

How is treatment performed?

Treatment can commence right after consultation.
The physician inserts a vaginal applicator into the vagina and the lasering head automatically scans throughout the inner walls of the vagina. You will feel nothing during treatment, perhaps some warmth.
You may immediately leave the clinic after treatment, there is no convalescence period. The treatment can be performed during a lunch break.
There is no pain involved, no surgery or bleeding, it is completely safe.

What results can you expect?

You will experience pleasant changes within days.
The size of the vaginal tract and the opening of the vagina decreases, the vagina becomes tighter and more flexible, thereby stimulation during intercourse is stronger and the quality of sex life increases, orgasm is becomes intensive.

Client satisfaction for both female and male partners is nearly 100%.

Why choose us?

- outstanding price-performance ratio
- trained and highly qualified, skilful, emphatic physicians
- safe treatment, cutting edge technology, world-class laser instruments (USA RF pipe, 0.01mm spot size)
- due to the outstanding efficiency of the laser equipment, a maximum of 2 treatments are required
- easy access (near Mammut Shopping Center in the 2nd district), simple parking
- pleasant surroundings, confidentiality

What costs does the treatment incur?

We will promptly send you an email detailing the costs, current discounts, and possible funding options.

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